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Architectural Documentation

If you Fail to plan,

you plan to fail.

Architectural Documentation

Wightman Construction, Inc. surrounds themselves with some of the best interior and exterior designers and space planners resulting in the best execution and design of both residential and commercial architecture. Our design knowledge extends from the most current, trendy, traditional and modern to eclectic, among others.

We utilize a vast array of resources in distinctive home designs and interior finishes to transform each client’s living space in to an exciting place to call home.

Wightman Construction, Inc. employs the best designs, the finest materials and the latest trends to continually adapt to the ever-changing lifestyles.

We provide an exciting collection of innovative architectural styles when creating an exclusive look with a superior level of craftsmanship found second to none.

Wightman Construction, Inc. constructs and renovates estates that are able to evoke a sense of elegance and beauty, suggesting a sense of belonging with warmth.

Plans and Specifications

Existing Demo Floor Plan
Floor Plan
High Voltage Plan
Interior Elevation
Low Voltage Plan
Master Bathroom Elevations
Reflected Ceiling Plan
Remodel Plan