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Custom Ceilings

You're Aspirations

are our possibilities.

Custom Ceilings

The application of design sensibility to what some architects call “the fifth wall”—the ceiling plane—brings a number of specific challenges that impact building effectiveness and indoor environmental quality. Chief among them is design treatment, including the use of color, texture, and form without compromising performance or incurring excessive cost. Other challenges include acoustical performance, which has a direct effect on human productivity and health, yet may conflict with the use of large monolithic planes or the use of special shapes and visual effects. Sustainable design goals often fade in the drive for low-cost, low-value ceiling systems.

In addition, architects are increasingly taking advantage of innovative design techniques that elevate the fifth wall to a higher plane, so to speak, in terms of advancing architecture. A slew of innovations have emerged for ceiling design, including new sizes, shapes, color, and patterns as well as systems for supporting the assemblies and accessing the plenum above. We often use these areas to hide HVAC, cabling, plumbing, home automation and structural components and much more.  Custom ceilings can also be designed in a decorative manner to accommodate specific lighting requirements, spacing and placement.

Innovative techniques for printing and patterning interior surfaces are available, often using fewer material resources than traditional ceiling treatments. Some of these manufacturing technologies allow cost-effective custom runs to match a project’s design needs, while retaining desired acoustical and lighting properties. In many cases, they contribute to better occupant health and safer, more sustainable buildings as well as more visually impressive interior spaces.

If it’s the truly custom you seek, maybe a hammered copper groin ceiling backlit with rope lighting or a six point cathedral vault may be in order.  Whatever your needs, you’re aspirations are our possibilities.