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Glass & Mirror

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Glass & Mirror

Frameless Shower Doors:

Step into spa-like luxury in your own bathroom with a modern and sleek frameless shower enclosure. A frameless shower enclosure is the most versatile and low maintenance option to add a touch of style to any bathroom. Available in custom sizes and designs, our frameless shower enclosures are great for condos, apartments, houses, hotels and more!

Design the ideal frameless shower enclosure to fit the dimensions of your bathroom, your style and utility needs with countless custom options to choose from. Whether you only need a 2-sided rectangular enclosure for the shower in the corner of your bathroom, a 3-sided enclosure perfect for when only one wall is available in the bathroom, a different number of glass panels to create a more interesting geometric enclosure or a 4-sided standalone enclosure to be the centerpiece of your bathroom, we work to make your ideas come to life.

We can create just about any sliding, swinging or bi-fold door frameless shower enclosure. We design your shower enclosure with your needs in mind in different thicknesses and made durable to last for years and years– longer than framed shower enclosures because they do not have metal framework that requires more maintenance. In addition, we can help you design a shower enclosure with tastefully incorporated support rails to ensure the safety of all who use it.

We offer “privacy” glass of a thickness, color and texture specially created to elegantly conceal; we also carry clear and colored glass that can be designed, etched and textured to fit your décor. In fact, our shower enclosures can be etched with just about any logo, a great option for hotels, for greater marketability of your business. Additionally, we can help you choose from a large array of fixtures and accessories to complement your frameless shower enclosure such as floating glass shelves to hold hygienic products, mirrors, rails, handles, hinges and more.

Beautiful and low maintenance with little effort required for cleaning, a frameless shower enclosure is the greatest upgrade any bathroom could get. No matter the design, our frameless shower enclosures are guaranteed to beat any annoying, dingy shower rod and curtain waiting to fall on unsuspecting bathers!

Glass Shelves:

Glass shelves make a wonderful addition to a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, bar, or office. Whether you want to add new bookshelves or shelf space inside a kitchen cabinet, glass shelves bring a touch of elegance to any room without crowding it – they even lend an illusion of increased size and depth to a space.

Glass shelves are less intrusive than wood or metal shelves. They allow light to pass through, leaving a glow on the translucent material. To magnify this effect, you can use special lighting from above or below the space depending on the look you are trying to achieve. 


There are many types of glass mirrors, each representing a different manufacturing process and reflection type.

An aluminum glass mirror is made of a float glass, manufactured using vacuum coating, i.e. aluminum powder is evaporated (or “sputtered”) onto the exposed surface of the glass in a vacuum chamber and then coated with two or more layers of waterproof protective paint.

A low aluminum glass mirror is manufactured by coating silver and two layers of protective paint on the back surface of glass. A low aluminum glass mirror is very clear, light transmissive, smooth, and reflects accurate natural colors. This type of glass is widely used for framing presentations and exhibitions in which a precise color representation of the artwork is truly essential or when the background color of the frame is predominantly white.

A safety glass mirror is made by adhering a special protective film to the back surface of a silver glass mirror, which prevents injuries in case the mirror is broken. This kind of mirror is used for furniture, doors, glass walls, commercial shelves, or public areas.

A silkscreen printed glass mirror is produced using inorganic color ink that prints patterns through a special screen onto glass. Various colors, patterns, and glass shapes are available. Such a glass mirror is durable and more moisture resistant than ordinary printed glass and can serve for over 20 years. This type of glass is widely used for decorative purposes (e.g., on mirrors, table tops, doors, windows, kitchen chop boards, etc.)

A silver glass mirror is an ordinary mirror, coated on its back surface with silver, which produces images by reflection. This kind of glass mirror is produced by coating a silver, copper film and two or more layers of waterproof paint on the back surface of float glass, which perfectly resists acid and moisture. A silver glass mirror provides clear and actual images, is quite durable, and is widely used for furniture, bathroom and other decorative purposes.

Impact Resistant Windows and Doors:

Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors are developed to be the strongest, most resistant windows and doors for hurricanes and flying debris.  Installing Impact resistant windows and doors is one of your best defenses against natural disasters and robbery attempts.

Impact resistant windows and doors will provide security and protection for your entire home or business.