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Home Automation

What lies behind us

and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

Home Automation

Imagine all your day-to-day home interactions being controlled with just the touch of a button via an integrated home automation system. Including but not limited to audio, video, lighting, security systems and even controlling you’re air conditioning throughout your home.

Your typical day could start with an early morning voice announcing “it’s wake up time”. Your curtains or blinds open and the lights come up to a brightness of your choice. Your favorite music begins to play or the Weather Channel appears on your TV.

After a moment, you head to the master bath to prepare for your day. Your lights are on and the music is already playing with just a tap of your keypad. When you arrive in the kitchen, the coffee has just finished brewing as well as the lights and music are already on and set to your desired levels.

Upon your departure, you will feel comforted knowing that with just a touch on your keypad, the automated system powers down the entire house, fading the lights to black, changing the setting on the air conditioning thermostat to ”daytime” and engaging your home security system.