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Ocean Boulevard


is the essence of everything successful.

Virtual Tour - Ocean Boulevard Project

Returning clientele is the highest compliment of ones success.

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WCI performed an extensive renovation back in 2003, being that the client was pleased with the outcome, he has now returned again.

The existing home was a total of 4,700 square feet of living space.  It was constructed in 1982 as a 4-bedroom 4-bathroom condo that was spread out over 2 floors.  Most of the design and finishes were original except for a few homeowner modifications.

As you enter the condo on the 4th floor you will immediately find yourself in the foyer area that joins the 4th and 5th floors through a common set of stairs.  Staying on the 4th floor you will progress down a common hallway and you will find a guest bedroom, bathroom and closet.  Progressing further down the hallway, you’ll find the master bathroom on the right and master closet on the left, then finally at the end is the master bedroom.

Reaching the top of the stairway on the 5th floor you will find yourself in a common area that joins the 2 bedrooms, kitchen, dining room and living areas.  The 2 bedrooms were tucked in the back with the laundry room and one bathroom, while the remaining rooms were all lined up in a row from front to back, with an atrium as a center point.

We started by removing all the interior finishes, framing, electrical and plumbing.  We then replaced all the exterior windows and doors with a high-impact hurricane resistant PGT product, which was no small task being that they were on the 4th and 5th floor of the building.

Once the home was completely empty, striped back to the bare concrete.  We began the reconstruction process.  We installed all new framing, electric, plumbing, HVAC, drywall, home automation system, cabinetry, marble, granite specific details are listed below.

Entrance Foyer & Stairway

Due to the logistics of the building, the entrance still remains on the 4th floor except now you enter through a fully automated handcrafted Mahogany double door set. Once inside the residence, the level of detail and thought put into this project awes you.

Standing in the renovated foyer, you first glance southward towards where the old wood stairway was located. Noticing that it has been replace with a new free standing Mahogany set, complete with floating marble treads and a wrought iron hand rail.

Looking now towards the east, your eyes are immediately taken towards the master bedroom vestibule and it’s illuminated four-sided groin ceiling. Directly under this feature lies another set of double handcrafted Mahogany door that embellished the entrance to the master suite.

Master suite

After careful consideration of the clients needs, we decided to remove the guest bedroom, bathroom and closet and make the 4th floor exclusive for the owners only.  The master suite encompasses a spacious “his & hers” walk-in closet, office, bathroom and bedroom.

His & Hers Walk-in Closet

The master closet sweeps out over 300 sq. ft. with floor to ceiling built-in cabinetry and a center island with dressing benches.

Master bathroom

Adjacent to the walk-in closet is the master bathroom, which is finished in 24” x 24” Cappuccino marble with Onyx inlays.  Another pleasant feature of the master bathroom is a series of frosted and clear glass panels that stretch floor to ceiling allowing natural light to pass through the unit.


This area was constructed with all the owners specific needs taken into consideration.  Wood panels and wainscot were installed from floor to ceiling around the entire office space.  A wet bar was strategically placed so that the owner could make coffee or tea straight from the Insta-Hot.  Custom banks of cabinetry were also installed to hide all the office equipment and supplies.

 Master bedroom

The master bedroom suite is surrounded on 3 sides by glass, facing east and right on the beach.  The custom box coffer ceilings that are backlit by rope lighting garnish the ceiling, while the inlaid polished travertine flooring puts the final complement to this warm space.

Fifth Floor

Main Corridor

This area is the central hub of the fifth floor, connecting the guest bedroom, sewing room, laundry room, den, family room, kitchen, living room, Atrium and guest bathroom. This area houses a breakfast nook area that looks out over the centrally located atrium, coffer ceilings and polished travertine flooring.

Living room

The living room is the furthest East room on the fifth floor and is located above the fourth floor master bedroom. This area is incased on three sides by impact glass that stretches from floor to ceiling, which allows for a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean from anywhere in this room.  Box coffer ceilings add elegance while at the same time create areas for the HVAC, lighting and control. Inlays that mimic the ceilings above are precisely cut into the polished Travertine flooring, adding an extra layer of detail to insure that this timeless elegance will be current for years to come.

Family Room

The family room is located adjacent to the living room and just to the West. This room shares the same ceiling and floor details as the living room including similar views of the Atlantic Ocean.  On the North side of this room we constructed a custom bump out to house the television.  This bump out was constructed from floor to ceiling and faced with an imported broken face Travertine, cut in random lengths and installed in a broken bond pattern.


The library is located just to the East of the main corridor and acts a porthole to the family and living room.  You enter through a double set of 2-1/4” Mahogany French doors that are draped with a pair of ornamental wrought iron inserts. A custom library waits just inside with floor to ceiling cabinets that encompass the entire room, complete with beverage center, granite, window seat, storage and bookshelves.  The backlit diagonally boxed coffers with matching stained Cherry moldings adds warmth and elegance to this luxurious area and completes the eastern wing of the residence.

Dining room

You enter the dining room through a groin capped vestibule area, which is just to the west of the main corridor.  Once inside the dining room the opulent beauty overwhelms you as your eyes are taken to the unique ceiling and floor details that are framed by the imported silk window coverings.


The kitchen is just to the north of the groin capped vestibule area and placed centrally in the residence.  Alder cabinetry surrounds this wonderful workspace, while the intergraded dishwasher, 42” refrigerator/freezer, 6 burner cooktop and pot filler make the final compliments to your culinary experience.

Main Corridor Bathroom

The guest bathroom is a true work of art, accessible from all areas and the craftsmanship leaves nothing to the imagination. Travertine marble was cut from larger selections and installed in a broken bond pattern then separated in the center with a river stone inlay. A pair of frameless glass arched doors compliments the shower area, while a glass vessel sink and a groin ceiling detail enhances the entry.


This area is unique in many ways. The floor was assembled from broken pieces of a marble slab, which were set in sand and then Mondo grass was planted in the areas in between. The walls were covered with random lengths of a split face Travertine that were installed in a broken bond pattern, with herb planters of similar materials constructed and installed in a cantilevered manner creating an illusion of being pulled straight out of the wall. The ceiling in this area was an open trellis configuration constructed from large Cypress beams.  Lastly, a custom bronze sculpture was created by a well-known artist and placed on a pedestal to add a touch of culture.

Sewing room

The sewing room was a converted guest bedroom that was transformed into a multi-purpose crafts room. Floor to ceiling Cherry cabinetry were designed to wrap around the room and house a Murphy bed for the occasional guest, plus there were plenty of large storage areas for the arts and crafts materials.

AV room

The AV room was created as a place to store all the audio/video and home automation equipment.  Due to the higher levels of heat being emitted from these electronics, careful planning went into the design of this area.  Additional supply and returns were added from HVAC and controlled by a separate thermostat within this room.

There is just too much to list so please enjoy our 360 virtual tour and additional photos can also be found in the Gallery section. 

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