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Reciprocal Referrals

No matter what you accomplish in life

You never become bigger than the people that helped you get there..

Reciprocal Referrals

Wightman Construction, Inc. continues to be a premier high-end contractor and remodeler serving Florida for over two decades. We have been building and remodeling custom homes for celebrities, moguls and entrepreneurs, so I understand the critical role a gifted Realtor plays in creating a vibrant, active local market.

Due to the interconnected nature of our businesses, I have grown familiar with, and have a great deal of respect for the work produced by the top-selling Realtors.

Throughout the years I have been honing my skills and building my reputation mostly by “word of mouth”. This methodical approach has created opportunities for me to collaborate with some of the top minds from around the world and I am looking to further expand that network.

Like you, I see tremendous opportunity for growth and business expansion here in Florida, and I firmly believe that the most luxurious, opulent and expensive homes will be built or remodeled right here over the next 10 years…. and I intend to be their Contractor.

During my ascent to becoming one of the nations premier contractors, I have found that working with talented, eager, forward thinking Realtors are fundamental to my success.  In fact, some of the Realtors that I work closely with have reported that they see a noticeable increase of valid offers arriving more quickly and with faster closing as a result of our relationship.

Here’s how it works!

Most Realtors at some point find themselves with listings that are hard to sell. They are usually due to a bad floor plan or maybe they just need additional or better-constructed space, and then there are those that are just plain outdated.

 Here is how I can help.

Marketing challenges:

We can meet with either just the agent/broker and/or clients at the subject property. During this visit, we can personally review the property, discuss any obvious or reported areas of concern. Once the review is completed, we will discuss with all the parties involved the viable options and their projected costs. History has proven that through this process of simply exposing the possibilities together with their associated costs, the homes we work with become far more marketable. This process has proven to be invaluable.

After the initial meeting upon request, we can create renderings of the needed alterations or additions.  These renderings coupled with the cost analogies play a huge role in educating the consumer of the hidden possibilities locked within these somewhat challenging listings. Examples of these renderings could be a new floor plan, a 3D cabinet plans with layouts or a plot plan showing the property and grounds.

Closing challenges:

We can provide a detailed cost estimate for all flagged home inspection items. Having this information provided quickly and in a professional manner will expedite your contract through its due diligence period and into a hard contract with higher percentages of closings.

If requested, we will immediately begin to resolve all the flagged home inspection items. The seamless elimination of these flagged items strengthens the relationships between the buyer and seller, thus strengthening the relationship with the broker/agent, all of which creates more referrals and happy customers.

As my company specializes in ultra high-end renovations, additions and new construction I am prepared to offer this personalized service as a gesture towards building our relationship.

Referrals have been a vital part of my success.  I further realize that recommendations are earned and not given. Therefore my desire is to build our relationship by helping to resolve issues and in doing so, I will earn your respect and my referrals one by one.