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Unique Requests

The only way of discovering

the limits of the impossible is to venture a little way past them…into the impossible.

Unique Requests

Wightman Construction, Inc.’s collective knowledge of over two decades of working within this expansive, diverse and ever changing industry has led us to be able to transverse the intricacies found within the construction industry and seamlessly create what others might have thought as impossible.

• An open-air atrium in the center of a 5th story penthouse unit. Complete with an open beam Cypress roof, herb garden, broken Flagstone deck, plantings with automated watering system and even a piece of modern sculpture mounted on it’s own pedestal.

• Complete full scale replication of a 14’ round gazebo with a hand forged wrought iron hemispherical roof, patina finish and cast stone columns.  Replication was created from an old German family photo that was passed down from their grandparents.

• Handcrafted Mahogany double door entrance standing 12’ high and flown in from Honduras.

• An 85 sq. ft. four-sided groin ceiling with handcrafted hammered copper, applied and backlit with dimmable rope lighting.

• A 48” fully automated scissor lift with custom installation into the trusses to conceal a projector for the home theater.

• A complete 1,505 sq. ft. fully functional residential 17th century pub, complete with a theater, built-in cigar humidor, office, gym and an authentic Thomas Crapper pull chain toilet.

We welcome you to challenge our creative abilities, go ahead…dream big!